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Risk management - 1000 Foot View

Multi Dimensional Risk Management
The theoretical background unpacks the nature and sources of each of the main risks your face. It focus next on the options to deal with these risks. With specific focus  on understanding risk products such as insurance. The models and tools helps you to develop an integrated risk management plan.

Financial Risk
Financial Risk is the possibility of losing capital on an investment, takes the form of:

  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Model Risk
  • Operational Risk

Longevity Risk
Given the rapid advances being made in the medical world and increase living standard, the risk of you out living your savings in retirement is significant. 

Risk Products
Risk products is about transferring the risk (financial, disability, fire etc.) you don't want to assume to parties that are willing to assume the risk for a fee. Just like you need to systematically plan your investments and analyse where you invest you need to decided which risk you want to keep and which to transfer. Secondly you need to understand the price you paying and the quality of the service provider.

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